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2024-05-22 View 338

[Keynote Speech] Seoul AI Business Pledge

Good morning,

I am a Minister of science and ICT of the Republic of Korea.

I am pleased to announce the 「Seoul AI Business Pledge」 at the 「AI Global Forum」 today, in front of government, business, academic, and civil society representatives from around the world.

The Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea, together with domestic and foreign technology companies, planned this pledge as a voluntary commitment containing the direction that companies will pursue for AI responsibilities, development, and benefits sharing in accordance with the vision of the 「Seoul Declaration」.


Domestically, Samsung Electronics, NAVER, Kakao, LG AI Research, SK Telecom, KT and Internationally, Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, IBM, Salesforce, Cohere and Adobe are joined.-2- Let me briefly introduce the 「Seoul AI Business Pledge」.


For responsible development and use of AI, we pledge to strengthen collaboration with 「AI Safety Institutes」, and take measures to identify content generated by AI such as watermarking, and enhance cooperation to develop international standards.


For sustainable development and innovation in AI, we pledge to invest in developing state-of-the-art AI models and systems, and collaborate with SMEs and startups through joint projects and funds, and foster cultivations of professional talent through internships and educational programs.


For ensuring the equitable benefits of AI, we pledge to launch AI services for socially vulnerable groups and develop AI solutions to solve global challenges, and promote diversity and inclusivity.


This concludes the introduction of the 「Seoul AI Business Pledge」.


Thank you.