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Closed 2024-05-21 Evening

Leaders' Session_Building on the AI Safety Summit: towards an Innovative and Inclusive Future(Invited Only)


“Building on the AI Safety Summit: towards an Innovative and Inclusive Future”


The rapid acceleration in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with new AI models expected to be released this year, underscores the urgent need for robust dialogue and cooperation on a global scale to address the challenges and opportunities AI presents.


Against this background, AI Seoul Summit, co-hosted by the Republic of Korea and the United Kingdom on 21st and 22nd of May 2024, aims to build upon the momentum gained from the inaugural AI Safety Summit held in Bletchley in 2023. Building on the format of its predecessor, the Summit features a leaders’ segment on the first day, conducted virtually,

followed by a ministerial segment on the second day, held in Seoul, in person.


Aim & Scope


The AI Seoul Summit aims to deepen our commitment to AI safety whilst also extending its scope to cover other aspects of global AI governance framework.


With the ambition of  elping to shape a coherent global strategy on AI governance, the AI Seoul Summit’s primary goal would be for key global leaders to converge on the following three critical priorities on AI:


• Safety: To reaffirm the commitment to AI safety and to further develop a roadmap for ensuring AI Safety;


• Innovation: To emphasize the importance of promoting innovation within AI development;


• Inclusivity: To champion the equitable sharing of AI’s opportunities and benefits.



Overview of Schedule


May 21st (Day 1)


Evening                                    AI Seoul Summit Leaders’ Session - Building on the AI Safety Summit: towards an Innovative and Inclusive Future (Virtual)


Further Details


AI Seoul Summit invites world leaders, a select number of global industry leaders and heads of international organization.